Monday, July 21, 2014

Woodland and garden at holiday cottage in Fife near Edinburgh

When you book our cottage, these are among the wild fruits you can pick f.o.c.:-
 raspberries, gooseberries, white currants and strawberries, all ripe in July or earlier.
Brambles, elderberries, etc. follow in August, September, October.
Wild red and yellow raspberries
4.10. 2013
Shaggy ink cap mushrooms on one of our campsite pitches.
 Okay to eat when young and tender

A stone of plums

More brambles (6 and a half pounds) when no collecting vessels available

Brambles from the woodland.
Cooking apples from the holiday cottage garden.


Wild cherry blossom in the woods is out. (Estimate 50 wild cherry trees).
2 buzzards.
3 peacock butterflies.
Wild white currants
Wild red currants